2014 Chrysler 300C - exhaust pipe defect

I own a 2014 Chrysler 300C with the 3.6 engine. There is only 42525 mile on it. On the way back from Florida to Pennsylvania, the engine noise kept getting louder. Went to Chrysler dealer and they had to replace the resonator from the catalytic back. When the mechanic replaced the system he stated that when he grabbed the exhaust system, it literally fell on the ground. Found a kink in the exhaust pipe right before the muffler and this cracked and burnt itself from the muffler. Definitely defective manufacture of pipe. Dealer submitted a Star Case but Chrysler Customer Care can’t find it and says dealer has to tell me, but they won’t talk to him. Dealer has called them a few times to try and get some satisfaction. New pipe has reinforced bend and better flow for the exhaust.

It may have been a defect, but after 7 years I have no idea how you would prove it. A kink could be explained by hitting something (road debris, branch, whatever).


You live in PA where rust is prevalent. Unless stainless is used 7 years is plenty of time for rust to run amok and not just with the exhaust system.

Who says manufacturer of pipe is at fault and how was “better flow” determined?

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Defect… poppycock.

It lasted 7 years in a road salt environment using low grade stainless steel. Mileage does not matter in that situation, time does.

If Chrysler comps you anything on that new exhaust… Wonderful for you… but you could lilely replace it with an aftermarket exhaust for less than the dealer will charge you even with the comp.


A defect would have failed in a much shorter timeframe than 7 years.
I would be VERY surprised if Chrysler decides to comp the owner of the car for something that was only covered by warranty for 3 years/36k miles, whichever comes first.


The vehicle is seven years old or very close to it. That’s more than enough time for road salt/rust to compromise a factory exhaust pipe. If Chrysler covers the repair, that’s great. But they are under no obligation to, and frankly I wouldn’t expect them to.


Voucher for $500 on new car is waiting. Thanks Chrysler.

Its an old car, what do you expect?


If you have the 3.6 V6 you don’t have a 300C, you have either the base model or the 300S.