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2018 Honda CR-V - Starter button

The push button suddenly stopped working on my 2018 CRV, whether I use the master key (FOD) or the spare key. I had the FOD battery checked but it was working just fine. It’s not quite 2 years old yet so it’s a little too soon to go out. The push button on occasion will not start the vehicle after I have stopped the vehicle and go to restart it. It sat overnight without starting it but it never restarted the next morning. What is causing this problem? Is there a recall on the FOD or whatever else may be causing this?

How do you know there is a problem with the remote? Is there a message in the dash indicating the there is no remote present?
I would first check if the vehicle’s battery is weak or dead.

Recalls are mostly for safety problems . You should still be in the warranty period unless you have passed the mileage number . Either way this is probably a dealer repair item.