2016 Chevrolet Cruze Remote Starter

Hey there. I own a 2016 Chevrolet Cruze Limited LT Turbo. It was in an accident about a year ago, and ever since then the remote starter has failed to work. The connection between the fob and the car is fine, it will begin the remote start process and then flash the headlights to indicate the start failed. There are no dash lights, and there are no OBD-II error codes on the car. At this point I suspect the hood pin or the fuse, but I cannot find which fuse it is, or where the hood pin is located. Can someone please help me out?

You did not say if the accident was bad enough to need body or mechanical work, if it was you should have had it checked then not wait for a year.

It needed body work on the front end and some mechanical work on the coolant system. I have been trying to get this solved for a while now, I didn’t just start looking at it now. If I knew where the hood pin for the remote start system is supposed to be, I could find mine.

I am just DIY’er have no idea about a hood pin maybe check with the dealer service or part’s dept. they should be able to tell you.

I’ve tried. They’ve not really been much help.

Because maybe you did want to pay them to fix this problem . You seem to have 2 choices 1. Do nothing and just start the vehicle like a lot of us do . 2. Pay for a diagnostic and repair .

The hood ajar switch is inside the hood latch. There is a brown/green wire and a black wire connected to the hood ajar switch.