2011 Hyundai Sonata - Key issue

remote key does not make contact with my push button to crank my car.

How old is the battery in your FOB?
Does the other FOB work?


As more remote features depend on the key fob, battery life decreases dramatically. In our 2017 Accord EX-L and Odyssey EX-L, we replace batteries on a two year cadence. This is due to proximity features like keyless starting and remote locking/unlocking. I can control the locks on both by simply standing close enough to the cars and touching the door handles or trunk release buttons. Always on broadcasting like that drains those little batteries quickly. Maybe your Hyundai has some of the same features.

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Had to replace batteries in one 2017, Got a low battery notice. Both the gmc and toyota give warnings for low fob battery.

It’s possible the key & button is working ok, but the starter motor isn’t cranking, or isn’t getting the signal to crank. Ifthe key & button check out ok, askyour shop to verify the engine compartment main battery is working. If so, ask them to check if the “start” signal to the starter motor is being activated with the key in “start”. That should be at least 10.5 volts with the key in “start”.