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2018 Honda CR-V antenna decal

to help identify my dark gray 2018 Honda CRV in a sea of other dark gray SUV’s, I am thinking about a small sticker/decal on the sides of the fin style antenna. Will this impact the signal?

Nope, you should be fine doing that

No, unless it is metal. But why not something inside each of the rear side windows large enough to be seen from a distance. Rain and weather will effect a sticker on the shark antenna .

thank you…

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good idea. I’t try a piece of blue painters tape to start.

It’s your car, but I’d never stick something on any painted part of my car. It’ll look bad as it starts to weather, it’ll probably be hard to remove completely when necessary, and most important the paint underneath will end up being a different color from the paint exposed to the sun. Is it really that hard to memorize your license plate number?

That,s my vote. But then again my tag is easy, part of it is my name. :grin: And I have a dark colored Camry, it seems they are everywhere.

Probably not, but a decal on the shark fin antenna would be a whole lot easier to spot from far away.

If I had this issue, I’d do it.
I have a White GMC pickup that sometimes gets lost in the sea of other white Chevy/GMC/Ford/Dodge/etc pickups. I have a grille guard on the front, and several window stickers on the back that help me pick out my truck in the sea of white. :slight_smile: