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Shark fin antenna knocked off, Subaru Forester 2018

My garage door did not open completely. When I backed into the garage, I knocked off the “shark fin” Starlink antenna.

Is it safe to drive in the rain?
Is this something that I better go to the dealership to fix or could a regular auto mechanic repair it.
Any idea what the cost range should be?

Can’t speak to the safety issue, but if the damage allows water to intrude into the roof structure, you want to get at least a temporary repair right away, before driving in the rain. I expect the repair will be in the $200-$700 range.

Looking at the parts diagram through the local dealer’s website the antenna sits mostly flush to the body except where the cable goes through with a nut to secure the antenna, $187 retail from Subaru for the antenna not including labor. Dealer’s probably seen this before but the total cost depends on how much damage you actually did.

Cover the hole with a piece of duct tape until this is repaired.

When I see this type of damage the roof is usually distorted, the seal on the antenna won’t keep water out so I decline to perform the repair, a body shop can better straighten the sheet metal and replace the antenna.

Expect to pay $500 to $800 for this repair.

BTW these antennas are usually for the satellite radio and cell phone, the radio antenna is usually in the rear window glass.

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This happened to someone I know who owns a Tahoe. They bought a new shark fin antenna on line for $45 and had it installed at a body shop install. They have to pull down the head liner to install it. Not sure how much that cost but I’m sure it was cheaper than the dealer.

Thank you. I was wondering if duct tape was ok to use.

Thank you.

Thanks. I did not know what systems were affected.
Heading out to get new duct tape now before the rain starts.
(I took my last roll of duct tape in my carry-on on on a plane trip and the duct tape got confiscated!)

Thank you everyone. I went to my mechanic who called his body shop buddy down the street and he repaired it for about $675. So far so good.

If you have full coverage insurance you could of had this repaired for 500.00 deductible.

I was reluctant to make a claim because I was /am under the impression that your rates go up significantly after claims. I have Erie insurance.

This is why the aluminum “pole antenna” on older cars is so much better. It can usually be bent back if damaged, and if not it unscrews with a crescent wrench, and costs less than $30 to replace.

Yep, regarding changes in whatever:
Just because it’s old, doesn’t mean it’s bad.
Just because it’s new, doesn’t mean it’s good.

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