2018 Honda Accord Sdn - Does it waander?

Am considering buying a 2018 Honda Accord 2.0T EX-L. But I read of wandering issues for the previous generation: 2017, 2016, etc. Has that been fixed in the 18? What did they do to fix it? Or are there still complaints? We are in our sixties and the car is for my wife, so I want to be sure of this before we buy. Thank you for your help.

The take the car for an extended test drive on exactly the roads you normally drive. Don’t depend on someone from the internet’s description of what they think is a problem. Drive it yourself, decide for yourself. You are the ones than must live with the car.

Wandering is a suspension and tire problem combined. Alignment or replacement tires can fix most issues with wandering.

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Have you considered that there might be another brand of vehicle that will not have you on the web asking about problems ? If I have any doubts about a product of any sort I just take it off my list.