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2018 Honda Accord auto high beams not working

My automatic high beam is not functioning it is not switching to high beam automatically when i am going over 30 and in a dark area with no headlights coming’s at me. it is set on automatic. Honda has checked it on the computer and it reads no problem.BUT IT IS NOT WORKING

Keep the dealer report to your complaint.
Try a different dealership if same result,
Then elevate your compliant per your owners manual.

Are you sure your model has the automatic high beam feature?


I have the exact same problem. Have driven 15,000 miles and the auto high beam has worked for about 3 hours total. It was nice when it finally worked! 99% of the time it does not activate and the “auto” light only appears on the dash momentarily when the car starts. You are not crazy. And yes I have the lights on “auto”, am driving in very dark areas and above 30. And my car has the feature (Accord 2.0T Touring.)

You have driven 15 k mile with no high beams? or is there a manual override?

It has activated correctly about 2 times out of the hundreds of times I have driven the car at night. In these rare instances, it was consistently working until I turned off the car. Start the car again, auto-high beams don’t work. I was actually wondering whether there was a menu option to enable the auto high beams that I had to find recently since I had never seen them work, and then they started working when we were returning from vacation. And they worked once in-town. Since then, they’re disabled again.

Your headlight switch needs to be in the “Auto” position. Then pull the whole “lever” towards you until a green icon with a little “A” in the middle of it appears. As long as the camera doesn’t detect any oncoming headlights or taillights, it should switch the high beams automatically on.

This is what is also in the official manual:
" Turning the System On or Off

  • Make sure the headlight lever is in the low beam position with the switch rotated to the AUTO position. The auto high-beam system indicator comes on. The system is canceled temporarily when you drive continuously at a speed below 15 mph (24 km/h), the vehicle speed drops below 6 mph (10 km/h), the windshield wipers run at high speed for more than a few seconds, or you enter a well lit location. Headlight switch The high beams come back on once the condition that caused them to turn off no longer exists.
  • Disabling the system: Pull the light switch lever toward you and hold it for at least 40 seconds. The auto high-beam indicator in the meter will blink twice.
  • Re-enabling the system: Pull the light switch lever toward you and hold it for at least 30 seconds. The auto high-beam indicator in the meter will blink once. If needed, you can temporarily turn the system off manually. Turn on the high beams by pushing the lever forward until you hear a click or flash the high beams once by pulling the lever toward you. To turn the system back on, pull and hold the lever toward you for a few seconds. Your vehicle Oncoming vehicle Vehicle ahead of you If you do not want the system to be activated at any time when the headlight switch is in AUTO, consult a dealer or disable the system. Vehicle Controls n Using the Auto High-Beam System If you find the timing of beam changes inconvenient for driving, change the headlight beams manually. If the Some Driver Assist Systems Cannot Operate: Camera Temperature Too High message appears: • Use the climate control system to cool down the interior and, if necessary, also use defroster mode with the air flow directed toward the camera. • Start driving the vehicle to lower the windshield temperature, which cools down the area around the camera.

Wow. My 2018 Mazda 6 auto high beam feature works great and is easy to switch to manual mode. The Honda system sounds complicated. All I have to do is put the headlight switch on “auto” and push the turn stalk forward to “on” for high beams and the auto high beam control works great. If I want to defeat auto high beam I simply turn the headlight switch to “on” and the high beam switch works like normal. No holding of the lever to defeat or reactivate.