2018 GMC Acadia wheel trouble

I am having the same issue with my 2018 Acadia wheels and when I call the dealer I get the same response about my wheels.

Hmm, my crystal ball does not seem to be functioning. It will not tell me what issue you are having with your wheels, nor what the dealers’ response was. If you wish help, please describe the problem you are experiencing and at how many miles did it occur.
Please tell us more about your Arcadia.

The chrome is peeling from the wheels and replacement wheels are on back-order.

“Three of our four tires (wheels) have noticeable peeling and the fourth tire’s (wheel) finish is starting to bubble up. They approved us a few months ago to have 3 replaced under warranty. However when we call to check up on the wheels they say they are having trouble locating them in stock.”

How were you able to find that information? I looked at the other site and could find nothing.
There has to be a way for Cartalk and CarComplaints to bring the entire conversation into one post.