2017 GMC Acadia - Peelig rims

I just bought this car used, but noticed as I was cleaning it the rims are peeling and I have 38,000 miles on it. People need to inspect rims before buying!

Great . you bought a used vehicle and did not look it over very well and now you are telling people what to do.


Not unusual for the clear coat on rims to wear off.

There are places that can repair the rims. We have this placed called RimPro that’s not too far from where I life. I had pealing rims on my 14 Highlander after 10k miles. They repaired them over the summer. Great job. They can fix and straighten rims also.

There might be a place like that near you. New aftermarket rims might be cheaper. But if you like your stock rims this is a cheaper alternative then buying new OEM rims.

Is it clearcoat or chrome that’s peeling?