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2019 GMC Acadia - Steering

I leased a 2019 Acadia made in Tennessee. When I got it after they had put 278 miles on it delivering the car, the steering was faulty. We drove it for a week and could tell right away something was wrong as it was stiff and wouldn’t return straight after turning a corner. .What I can’t understand is how it went through so many people from factory, dealers, and service and nobody noticed the problem. GM said they were sorry and installed a whole new steering rack under warranty after having it for two weeks. With GM shutting down plants in America it seems their quality is going as well.

Sorry about the statement about a female . Under certain situations a car salesman might sugar coat a problem and ignore a safety issue. I am using this scenario as my wife drove this vehicle for the first week we had it and never knew the steering was
bad till I drove it. My wife drove our 4 kids to school everyday and if this steering had of jammed and caused a accident and killed them all it would have been a crime. This is what I am trying to say who is at fault that this brand new vehicle got out of
the factory in a unsafe manner. How many more are out there and nobody knows it. When you get a new vehicle you think that someone has inspected and it should not cause you any problems for a long time. Male ,Female any color don’t trust any bodies word no
matter what, do your own inspection and ask questions stupid or not. Sorry again

It’s possible the steering rack was damaged during shipment from the manufacturing plant to the dealership. The cars have to be secured of course, but sometimes the shippers ratchet the hold down gadgets that keep the car in position so hard it damages something in the suspension or steering. I doubt the steering rack would come off the ass’y line like that w/out being noticed. In any event GM has solved the problem for you under warranty, so I think they’re hoping you’ll enjoy your new Arcadia a lot more now. Sometimes this sort of thing happens with new cars. One reason many people prefer to purchase a 1-3 year old car instead.

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This car was in the hands of two dealerships and driven 278 miles before I got it. Wouldn’t you think somebody would notice it was faulty. My job is delivering new Gravel trucks to dealers so I experience how each vehicle handles personally . And I knew
instantly this steering was bad.

Maybe it is better that GM is moving to Mexico . You never ever get a rotten banana

Yeah, that definitely would make a person wonder. Good point. It’s a complicated system from what a see, electric steering, belt driven by an electric motor and a slew of sensors. What has Consumer Reports had to say about this model’s reliability and customer satisfaction over the past 2-3 model years?

The lot boys that move vehicles from one place to another don’t know if the vehicle is going to the service department or to a customer, if they were to complain about the performance of the vehicle nobody would listen.

The first dealer that had the vehicle likely collected the pre-delivery inspection fee from the manufacture, because of this the selling dealer would not have a technician road test the vehicle before delivery.

You identified a fault on your new vehicle and had it repaired, seems rather routine in the car dealer business.

Nevada. Thanks for the information about a pre inspection fee. Again it shows that car dealers maybe don’t look like the ones in the fifties with a fat cigar, plaid jacket and your Gramma’s best friend but they still act like them. When you work on commission
your hustling and that means safety is out the door if you can make a sale. The final service department is suppose to inspect the car all over . They even left glued pieces of paper on the back window from the feature and price page after we picked it up
. American made is slipping to the junk pile faster than ever before. If these cars were good they would give them a 5 year warranty instead of a 3 like the imports. Pre inspection fee is a game changer in court, thanks.

Should we interpret the “court” reference to mean that you are going to sue GM and/or the dealerships because of this defect? First, you would need to specify the damages that you suffered, and if they did indeed repair it under the terms of the warranty, then you did not actually suffer any damages.

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And 275 of those miles were probably the 18 year old kid that drove it from one dealership to the other.
I was that 18 year old in the late 70’s.

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you and the wife both test drove the car model? wife did not notice stiff steering on new car?

If this SUV continues to perform poorly for you, maybe you could trade it for one that works properly. Since it is leased, you might have that’s option. Check your llease paperwork to see what your options are, just in case.

I also suggest that you are overreacting. You have no idea when the steering malfunctioned. It could have been at the factory, at either dealer, or in between. Also, it is one vehicle. Writing off a manufacturer because of one flaw is an overreaction. I’ve had three Ford products in my life. All had flaws that made me get rid of them earlier than I would have with any other cars I’ve owned. I probably won’t buy another Ford, but I don’t think they make complete junk, either.

The car we bought was shipped from another dealer. We test drove a car off the lot and when the new one came in I dropped my wife off to drive the car home. I have a truck and seldom drive the car. My wife had to force me to drive it to get use to driving
it in winter. That’s when I discovered the bad steering. It seems that dealers charge GM a inspection fee. It looks like GM is getting ripped off. I wonder if GM gets a written report that everything is good with the cars or it is a thumbs up like on Facebook. Somebody
failed here thankfully it didn’t turn out deadly.

Having the vehicle for only two weeks I asked the dealer that I wanted to trade it back for a Traverse and the dealer told me and it only had 505 km on it that I would lose $13000 and would have to pay that and more for another vehicle. That makes you
boil . GM said they would replace it with another one if it had two problems not one at the same time. GM told me they could only repair it under warranty which they did installing a whole new steering system. Now there is a squeak from the front end. I have
had GM for most of life and drove my S10 for 15 years and other than brakes, and one starter that was it. Two weeks is a bit hard to take. Fords there was a time you couldn’t get any sleep at night from the noise coming from your Ford rusting away at night.

Gerald , I agree with JT Sanders you need to relax. Yes , a problem on a new vehicle is upsetting but ranting on the web will not help you. That is why vehicles have warranties . Your thought to trade it back in at the same dealer where you bought it and saying GM has lost their way makes no sense. Let them solve the problems and you can use any GM dealer . Of course the main thing is that this appears to be the main vehicle for your wife so let her make the final decision .

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wife bought a new car with a manual trans which she wanted. never had driven a stick before. i got to drive it home from dealer. which annoyed her as she wanted to be first to drive car. we went out and practiced and she drove it to work the next day.

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if she gets lower leg pain it is from the clutch strain