Hail damage to new Matrix!

We had about 10 minutes of golf-ball sized hail today. My '09 Matrix has dimples on the roof and the hood and it doesn’t have 3000 miles on it yet! I always carry a very high deductible with insurance and I am sick. Are there any dents/dings that can be “popped out” or am I facing major body work?

Try Paintless dent removal, they can probably help you.

If you regularly get hail storms in your area you could also try a little Googling, some areas have hailstone damage specialists.

I think your going to hit your deductible of I am guessing $1000 no matter what you go. Sorry about your woes.

Here’s another vote for paintless dent repair. I think it’s a process that uses dry ice. A few years ago I had a Nissan pickup truck that took a pounding in a hail storm. I had to be without the truck for a day or two, but the paintless dent repair results were great. My insurance company even considered it to be a ‘catastrophic occurance’, and waived the deductible. Check with your insurance company.

I’ll join the crowd. Paintless dent repair on my car had amazing results.

Once again, I have to say I love this forum! I’m starting to feel a little hope. I had never heard of Paintless Dent Repair and after Googling, I’ve watched videos about this and also the use of dry ice. Can anyone recommend a place in Syracuse who offers these services?

I used Dent Wizard, who subcontracts at my local dealer. See http://www.dentwizard.com. It looks like you can do the same thing at Romano Toyota. You might be able to contact Dent Wizard directly and bypass the dealer and possibly get a better price.

I live in Syracuse too…that was some crazy hail we got yesterday, but you’re the only unlucky person I’ve heard of who experienced damage. Good luck with the repairs!

I have spoken with my insurance company and will be visited tomorrow by an adjuster. It turned out that my deductible is only $500 and I have an extended care deal (I never buy this sort of thing, but it gives me $5.99 oil changes for the life of the car)that will give me $100 off the body work. I also get an Enterprise economy car for $25/day through a deal my insurance company has with them. That’s good because that is exactly the amount my insurance allows. Now, do you want to know what the dealer’s estimate was??? $1,543.54!!! If I really get out of this for around $400 I will feel pretty lucky. My neighbor’s three cars all were damaged. He had dropped the colision of one car just hours before the storm. Poor guy!

Tell your neighbor this is comprehensive and not collision, he may be covered.

They also use heat, glue and long rods for prying or poking out

Not all hail damage can be repaired with PDR. Sometimes the dent is to big, to numerous or the paint may have cracked.