2018 Ford F-150 paint peeling

My son is in the military and upon his return in 2018, from Afghanistan he bought 2018 Ford F-150, Blue Pick-up Truck. He bought the truck nears his military post in Alabama, I know the first time he found paint peeling was in 2019 or 2020 and it was taking care of by Ford. Now the roof of the truck is peeling, and when he went to ford dealership, they told him, they would pay half, take it or leave it. The price for the roof repaint was $2200.00. He wants this resolved before he gets deployed again, he is a Black Hawk Pilot. I’m his Dad trying to help. Thank you for any help.

thank you for your sons service. try calling fords customer assistance
07f67wa1e.pdf (fordservicecontent.com)
you also can try another dealer or try going up the chain of command.
good luck

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Should only take three days in the body shop.

Thanks for your son’s service… doesn’t help the situation, but thanks anyway.

If the dealer offered 1/2, take it or leave it, call the Ford home office. the number is in his owners manual. Elevate the issue and see if Ford corporate will make it right.