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2018 Ford F-150 - Funnel Broke Off In Engine

Changing oil in 2018 Ford. The tip on the funnel fell into the reservoir. Tried getting it out but just pushed it further down. It is plastic. Should I tow to shop or drive there. Reading notes that if it is plastic could cause problems

The tip fell into the engine. If you drive it, or even start the engine, it will chew up the funnel tip and maybe cause problems. If you tow it in for service and the valve cover is removed, the tip can be removed without incidence.

If it were my truck, I’d have it towed.

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No, if it were your truck, you would remove
the valve cover.


If you can still see it, get a spring loaded grabber and try to pull it out.

If you can’t see it, tow it to your local mechanic. he’ll pull the cover and get it out.

Get a funnel that does not have a removable tip.

Well, yeah, I would dig into it myself!

Newer trucks have oil reservoirs?

Yes do not start, last thing you need is the need to get even smaller peices out.