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Ford F150

It sounds like my F150 threw an injector or plug. Can it be safely driven 4 miles to the shop?

Is this an older Triton motor? Does it run rough and make a rhythmic “POP POP POP” sound when running? If so, it probably expelled one of its spark plugs and broke the coil (if it’s coil on plug). You might want to call the shop and see if they have dealt with this before. It can usually be dealt with without removing the head if you can find someone who knows how to do it. Many shops will want to pull the head to repair it, which will run a couple grand, but there are ways around that. It can be driven very gently and very carefully like this, but only as far as to the shop that will repair it, and no more (I only say this because I have seen people drive them like this and nothing bad happened, outside of what had already happened). If you have AAA or towing reimbursement on your car insurance, have it towed.

Thanks; it just happened but definitely sounds like a plug.