2018 Dodge Charger - Window streaks and corrosion concern

Dear Car Talk,
I have a 2018 Dodge Charger with under 20,000 miles.I live in the mid-west, so we gets lots of snow, sleet, and wet, salty roads.

My concern is that long after a rain and the windows are now dry, when put them down and back up again (especially the driver window), the windows are very wet. This tells me water is getting between the seal and the window.

I’m worried about premature rusting inside the doors cause by road salt.
Am I be silly, or can this cause problems in a few years?
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Did you check if the door drains are clear?



The doors are not hermetically sealed. Water is supposed to get past the wiper. The door has drains at the bottom. Make sure they aren’t plugged with organic debris. Otherwise, completely normal to have some residual moisture inside the door not long after a rain.

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A large plastic zip tie is a good tool to clean out the door drain, it won’t scratch the paint inside the door.

Look for drains at the rear of the front fender too/