2009 Chevrolet Traverse - Leaks

2009 Chevrolet traverse water leaks. After rain water is getting into driver’s door windshield area. Also water getting into hatch. How do I repair it ?

do you mean drivers window? if so there are drain holes on the bottom of the door that could be clogged. if you have a sun roof there are drain tubes that may be clogged. as far as the hatch, look to see if the seal around it is not broken.

There are usually drains that allow water that gets into that area to drain to the ground. These are sometimes hard to see unfortunately. Start off by using a shop vac to thoroughly clean the area at the bottom of the windshield of all leaves, pine needles, debris etc. Sometimes it’s possible to see the ends of tubes where these drains go under the car as well. It’s a good idea to do this shop vac at the bottom of the windshield thing as a matter of routine maintenance. I do it every time I change the engine oil. Leaks at the back of the vehicle are sometimes at the tail light seals. Take a look at the tail light fixtures, and their seal to the body opening they fit. Manufacturers often use a sort of goopy plastic-like stuff to form that seal, and it can dry out w/time…