2018 Corolla IM Wiring Harness

I have a brand new Corolla Im with about 250 miles on it. What is this mess? Those wires should not be exposed like that, should they? It looks like someone cut the tube-like covering and re-wrapped it rather amateurishly with electrical tape. I plan on returning to the dealer tomorrow and raise cain.

Showing the dealer is the right thing to do. Raising cain will not help. Is it in a vulnerable location? Probably not. I would wait until I’ve used the car for a few weeks or longer. If there are more issues to be addressed, have them all listed and make an appointment.

Going in with a hostile attitude, especially about something they did not do, does not build up any credibility for you, or empathy from them.

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Agree with @shanonia, if you raise cain you will be labeled a trouble maker and receive only the bare minimum help. If you are polite and friendly the dealer is more likely to help you. Ask if you can look at other similar cars to compare the wiring harness. It is not unusual to have wire bundles protected at each end but look like what you call exposed in the middle.

Just out of curiosity…
Did the OP have the dealership install any electronic devices prior to delivery?
I am referring to things like a remote starter, a security system, a backup camera, a different audio system, or…


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Thank you for “liking” my response, Marilyn, but I’m still wondering if the dealership’s mechanics installed any electronic devices in your car prior to delivery.

That’s unlikely to cause any future problem, and may just be the way they make all of them. Good advice above to take a look under the hood at other Corolla IM’s on the lot. From a diy’er point of view for ease of future diagnosis and repair, there is actually some advantage to be able to access the wiring like that, without having to cut the overlaying insulation away from the bundles first, which can be awkward and could even damage the wiring unintentionally in the process.

If I had that problem on a car I’d just purchased, I’d just live with it.

I feel too qualified not to reply. I previously installed car electrics for 8.5 years, now I work at an automotive manufacturing plant, for a not to be named, large German vehicle manufacturer.

I am in no way condoning this, but different people work different “jobs” at assembly plants, otherwise stated, while you might do a particular job a lot, they shuffle people around a lot too. Probably someone working in electrical didn’t know quite where to apply split loom until, and there you have it. Whoever was working quality assurance either didn’t see it, or didn’t see it as a problem. I’d bet money on this is what happened.

All wiring exposed to the elements (ie under the hood, running under the car, etc) “should” have protection in addition to the insulation. I say should, but that is sort of a best practice in general, not something a manufacturer might always follow.

You are much more likely to have a better outcome at the dealer being nice and friendly, and explaining how these wires being exposed doesn’t really sit well with you. Worst case scenario it will set you back >$5 and 5 minutes of your time to make it the way you want it (it could be debated until the cows come home that you shouldn’t have to do it, but I’m not interested in that debate).

The Corolla is generally a great car, congrats!

Here is another view

Get a roll of good (like 3M) black electrician’s tape and “make it right.” And congratulations on caring enough to look.

The other angle doesn’t look too bad. There needs to be some wiring outside the loom so that it can flex to the connector.