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New Toyota RAV4, rat chew

What do you think about buying a brand new RAV4 that had its wires replaced by the dealer immediately after arriving because of rat damage during shipment from Japan? Is there any reason I should worry about this causing me future problems with the car? The dealer disclosed the rat damage and is giving a great deal on the car. I’ve had a hard time finding the right combo of features/options I want, and this car would be great – I’m just not sure what to think about the rat chew on the wires. Might it cause me any trouble down the road, or is the car as good as new? It sounds as if they replaced more than was necessary (more wires than they actually saw were chewed) in order to be on the safe side. The warranty is still the same as on any new car.

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

On the plus side, if they replaced the wiring harnesses (not just the wires) then it should be as good as new.

On the minus, are there other chewed up wires they didn’t replace? wires with the insulation chewed off but still functional (for now), and maybe not immediately visible?

On the other hand, how many other cars in that shipment also had damaged wires but undetected.

Dealer dependent…if you trust the dealer, it could be a good deal. Maybe an extended rodent clause in your warranty, without it, it could “gnaw” at you later.

An electrical harness is usually a $2k item and intense labor to replace it(proper fix). If patched I would expect problems as the patch is only good as job done. Personally I would pass unless some serious discount applied like below invoice minus a thousand or few thousand or so. Alternatively if comfortable with the price ask for a free to easy your mind extended longest possible bumper - bumper Toyota backed warranty. That would only cost the dealer about $500-$1000.

I would pass but I hang onto cars and found electrical problems to be the bane of my existance on previous vehicles.

What goes in must come out. Any dead mice/rats in the ductwork?

Personally? I’d steer clear of this one.