2018 Chevrolet Equinox - Safety system quit

Rear Cross traffic alert stopped functioning on my 2018 chevrolet equinox and is not regarded as a safety issue by GM dealer warranting a recall

have you checked the fuses and relay? make sure sensors are not covered in dirt. it may stop them from working. it could be a bad sensor or a corroded or chaffed wire.

also make sure it is turned on…

Rear Cross Traffic Alert can be turned on or off using the vehicle setting menu. In some vehicles, the feature is disabled using the Park Assist switch, where a lit LED indicator indicates ON setting.

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Just curious what a “rear cross traffic alert” does. What would such an alert mean? Is it to inform the driver a car is coming down the road as they are backing out of the driveway?

Both my cars do that, I get beeps and a blinking light in the side mirror. Sensors must be in the rear as I get warnings backing out of a parking spot.

Ah ha, yeah sort of alert could come in very handy. Sounds like a good safety feature.

OP should be looking for some sort of blockage to a gadget pointing sideways at the rear of the car. Probably easier said than done.

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That’s exactly what it is, and it can be extremely helpful in order to avoid an accident. Recently, I was driving my friend’s new Forester, which has this feature.

I was backing out of a parking space in a tightly packed parking garage, with essentially no way to see approaching traffic because of very high vehicles parked on both sides of the Forester. Without that feature, I might not have been able to avoid a collision with cars driving at ridiculously high speeds in that parking garage.

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A failure in one vehicle, even of a safety feature, does not trigger a recall.


It seems like folks who say “there should be a recall” are really saying “I don’t want to have to pay for this repair…”

But I could be wrong.

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Exactly. People buy cars with added conveniences and suddenly they are called “safety devices” and say they are needed to continue driving the car. ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) are there as a convenience to help you park, change lanes, let you drink coffee instead of watching the road, etc. But the name says it all. They are there to assist the driver. Ultimately you are responsible for turning your head or looking over your shoulder to see where you’re going.

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I’ve noticed this sort of driving even in otherwise friendly neighborhoods. Folks will barely slow down as they approach their home, then drive into their driveways at 20-30 mph, then slam on the brakes. Pedestrians, kids on the sidewalk, slow-going bicyclists sharing the road, no matter. I don’t understand why these drivers be have in that manner; can’t save them much out of their daily time schedule. No bang for the buck.