2018 Chevrolet Equinox - Odd noise

I have a 2018 equinox premier 2.0 awd it is making a queer noise in the transmission or transfer case. it sounds almost like a wheel bearing . I noticed when I took my winter tires off that it looked like on the inside of the drivers side front wheel it had some black almost like oil all the way around the rim this equinox has 6100 kilometers and has never been off the pavement. also when I am on the highway with the cruise control at 100 klms it feels like it is lugging and should shift down a gear this my 4th equinox but 1st one with a 9 speed. it is currently at the gm dealer trying to get repaired . but not getting much good news

Why does it matter to you? It is under warranty. GM needs to fix this to your satisfaction.