2018 Chevrolet Bolt brake lights

How soon do the brake lights come on when using regenerative braking?

Do you mean, when you let off of the gas and not touch the brake pedal? How long till the brake lights come on ?

They don’t come on, you have to use the brake pedal to turn on the brake lights.

Just like using your transmission to slow your car going down hills doesn’t warn the driver behind you that you are slowing either.

According to page 188 of your owner’s manual, the brake lights may come on under regenerative braking. I’m guessing your car’s computer may calculate your deceleration rate and apply the brake lights accordingly.

You must have an older version of the Owner’s Manual than I do. Page 188 is all a bout Maintenance/Air Intake etc. However I really wanted to know since I use the one-pedal driving as much as I can. Sometimes using the steering wheel paddle will apply the breaks pretty firmly. The break lights appear to come on whenever the paddle is used.

I got my son to follow me for awhile. While in LOW and taking your foot off the accelerator to the point where the car applies the breaks, i.e., the Regen light on the instrument panel begins to rotate, i.e., it IS Regenerating and then the break lights come on.

But what about the ( brake ) lights?