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2018 Cadillac XTS - Radio issues

Radio won’t hold radio stations

Stuck button or broken radio

Do you mean that the presets are lost when the car is off? If so, sometimes this is a sign of the battery starting to die. That would be unusual on a 2018, but it’s still worth checking. If not, please explain more clearly what you mean.

That’s exactly the issue, the dealer says it is a programming problem. They’ve worked on it 3 times, messed it up when they performed a service bulletin repair on the CUE!! Just checking to see if there are other possibilities.

I’m seeing a tsb about part restriction for the radio/media player/navigation/user interface stuff, so maybe there’s some kind of generalized snafu they’re working to correct. Whatever it is, it seems to affect chevy, gmc, Cadillac, buick models. You might can read it yourself by googling the number below.

tsb pit5411h

If there’s mechanical buttons involved (rather than the type where you press a screen location), on problems like this it’s a good idea to take some time to make sure all the buttons press and release correctly. It’s not unusual for gunk to wedge between the edge of the button and the faceplate, which causes the button to stick in the “on” position, which will confuse the media computer to all get-out. You may have seen something like this when you have a computer keyboard where a key is stuck in the pressed position. Pretty much nothing will work until that is resolved.

Common sense say software folks should detect this condition, and just disable that particular button when it happens; but apparently the software isn’t that sophisticated yet.