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My car's radio shuts off intermittently

I have a 95 Honda Accord LX. By all standards, it is a top car. A strange problem has come up and it will stop working at strange times. Sometimes it is when I engage the turn signal, sometimes when hit a bump.

Sometimes it will click off to nothing. At other times, it will start to fade away to nothing for no reason.

I could probably get a new radio installed but I like my tape player and I don’t want to mask some other problem, that is, an electrical problem. Do I have a generalized electrical problem?

Does the radio lose its station presets when it shuts off?

If everything else works correctly, I’d say the problem is within the radio, and most likely related to age and use. In other words, the radio is worn out.

It’s possible that the power connection to the radio is loose, which may cause the radio to stop working if you hit a bump, but if the radio volume fades to nothing over a short time period, it’s not the power connection.

Finding a new radio with a tape player is still possible, but the selection will be limited. I’d try

Thank you so much. To me, it feels like a loose connection because it happens with bumps but also when I make a sharp turn.

Then again, it might be a bit of both?? The radio is old.

I juse have to figure out how much more $$ I want to put in this car. The air conditioner needs to be replaced and that could be a lot.

Part of the fun or maybe part of the challenge in answering peoples posts’is seperating the valuable information provided from the totally non-connected information.

People tend to include unconnected circumstances(but very connected in their minds)but don’t include the make,model,year,engine type,maintiance history. But they do tell us the problem on occurs when visiting Uncle Fred and then only if the Mrs. drives instead of Dad.

It is probably just the radio or it would effect other electrical components in your car. I would look for a used stock radio at some of your local car stereo shop’s. If they save them they will have lots of old one’s but do not pay more than $20 to buy and $30 to install