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2018 BMW 428i - Putting away a convertible

I have a 2018 BMW 430i convertible. What steps should I take to store it for the winter?

Really, nothing at all. If it is close to needing and oil change, get one before you park it.

If you want it to start in the spring, buy a battery maintainer, like Battery Tender, and keep it hooked up all winter. Don’t start it unless you intend to drive it 20 minutes to get it fully warmed up. Add air to the tires in the spring, they will need it.

I owned a very similar car (hardtop convertible). Here are the steps I came up with. The amount of dirt inside a convertible is significantly higher than any other type of vehicle. I always did a full deep clean of the interior as well prior to the winter nap.

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Where will the vehicle be parked over the winter?


Well Jim , the replies might be different if you said where you are and how long this winter storage will be. It might even make a difference if it is a self storage facility or your own garage . People leave vehicles parked for a month while they are on cruise ships all the time and don’t do anything special.