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2012 Volkswagen GTI - winter car storage tips wanted

Hello, I am looking for some advice for storing my car in the winter. I am a college student in Cleveland and with the way my winter break travels worked out I will be leaving my car in a parking garages for about a month. I was wondering what steps I should take before leaving that will be best for the car. Some things I have read are disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery, and since it is a manual to leave the car in gear rather than use the parking break. Looking forward to hearing what sort of advice you guys have!

Don’t do anything. Cars are designed to sit for a month and longer. This isn’t storage, this is just extended parking.

Putting the car into gear instead of using the parking brake is a good idea as long as there is no possibility of the car rolling away. Maybe a wheel chock depending on where you will be parking it. Or up against a parking block on the down-slope side. If none of that is possible, go ahead and set the parking brake. The car is a manual so I assume you use the parking brake regularly so there is little likelihood of freezing up.

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