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2008 BMW 128 - WInterizing help

I bought a BMW 128i convertible and I’m going to store it for the winter. I’m told I should over inflate the tires, add something to the gas tank and either disconnect the battery or leave a charger on it. Also if there is a cold dry day take it for a ride and have the heat on full blast and on the way back same with the air. what do you suggest?

You were given good advice. Yes, over inflate the tires by about 5 psi, they will lose air over the time it sits.

Add fuel stabilizer to a FULL tank of fuel. A common fuel stabilizer is Sta-Bil. While not strictly necessary for a 6 month sit, it helps to avoid problems if it sits longer.

I would not disconnect the battery but I would attach a product known commercially as a Battery Tender. There are several variations on the market but it is a small battery charger that keeps the battery charged up while it sits. The battery will lose charge even if disconnected but will discharge faster if connected to the car as IT drains a little from the battery every day, too.

Taking it for a drive is also a great idea. Drive long enough to get the car fully warm - 20 minutes or so. Rather than run the AC on the way back, just run the defroster and heat as that will run the AC as well as heat.

thanks very much

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One issue with driving it occasionally is that you can’t cancel the collision insurance over the winter.

When adding the fuel stabilizer, add it before filling the tank. Adding the gas will help mix everything. Also, this means that you will have to run the car with stabilized fuel. This will circulate stabilized fuel throughout your fuel system.

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That’s all very good advice. If I was doing that in a very cold climate and the car was being left outdoors I’d probably remove the battery and store the battery indoors, charging it up every once in a while or on a battery tender. The downside is you’d have to lug the battery out to the car and reconnect it for your occasional dry day drives. Make sure the coolant is providing full protection to the coldest temperature the car may encounter during the winter of course.