2017 VW golf, suspension “creak” over bumps

Hey y’all, have had this “problem” since I’ve owned the car. Has never actually caused any problems, but it starting to drive me insane. Usually when I drive over bumps, entering driveways, or drive on bumpier roads, my suspension creaks in the front. I’ve had the front suspension mounts replaced, with no change. I have a short video with the sound I’m talking about.

I’m thinking shocks at this point, I’ve sprayed some lubricant down there as well.

I am not hearing a creak… Maybe a slapping sound.

Noises as very hard to located in person… impossible with a posted audio file.

Not a strut noise, not mounts. Maybe the spring and its rubber isolator… but that would have been repositioned when the (front??) mounts were replaced. Might try lubricating the stabilizer bushings.

Do you hear this in the car with the windows up or down?

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I usually hear it with both open and closed windows, it gets pretty loud. I’m gonna try to see if a shop can put lubricant on everything down there suspension wise once it gets brought in.

On my car it was suspension arm bushings, may not be on yours. You say you had the ‘front suspension mounts’ changed - what are those? I’d find a good shop and have them diagnose the problem. They might use ‘chassis ears’ to listen to different areas.

It was a couple of months ago, I’m just going off of memory. It was some sort of front mount that was worn, and they replaced.

Have you asked who ever replaced what ever about this creaking ?

Don’t you have an invoice that lists the work done ?

Yep! They didn’t say much, planning to go back and complain, I asked once about getting it lubricated and they never gave a straight answer.

And I’m sure I have it, gonna check for it

Strut mount front, and a strut bearing for the front as well.

Creaks on entering a driveway for me have a,ways meant, worn, broken, or loose stabilizer links. Easy and cheap to replace or have a look at the stabilizer bushings themselves. Of course struts, ball joints, and tie rod ends should also be looked at.

control arm bushings also

I owned a late-70’s model VW Rabbit years ago. It started making noises in similar situations at about the 5 years old point. I traced that problem to broken exhaust-system hangers. They probably use a different method now, but at the time the exhaust system hangers looked like the Greek letter “theta”, made of a rubber-type material. The rubber over time would degrade and eventually break, allowing extra undesirable movement in exhaust system.

Interesting! Funny thing, having a new exhaust system installed in three days. I’m gonna have a new shop check them out again.

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This is what my VW exhaust system hangers looked like.

My Buick used an about a 3 inch o ring. Maybe when I out anew cat on or something the pipe ended up a couple inches shorter so there was much strain on the stretched o ring. When it broke though I’d just get the pipe rumbling or banging. No creak sound. I’d alway have one on hand for about 50 cents from Napa.

Had the exhaust upgraded two days ago and they checked it out. Said strut mounts again, and no visible damage to anything. Still hahe warranty on them though

Not that I have a lot of experience but when I had a bad strut mount, I would get a knocking sound on a bump. But the rotate every time you turn the wheel so sure could be a creak. That’s why though I just get the loaded struts now with the spring and new mount. Nothing like going to all the work of a strut and then do it all over again to change the mount.

I was working on my truck’s rear brakes a couple weeks ago and found an old exhaust hanger I bought for my 70’s VW Rabbit in the brake tool drawer.