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2017 Toyota Yaris - Door guards

Plastic sill guards on the rear door rubbers rubbing the paint off due to insufficient clearance between the . Has any one else had this?

Why is this important to you?

This is a 2 year old car that should still be under warranty. Have your dealer fix it.

Are these guards OEM or aftermarket?

In the meantime be sure to keep that area cleaned of all dirt and dust that might accumulate. Dust/dirt trapped between the rubber seal and the paint can act like an abrasive and erode the paint as the door is opened and closed. I have this problem with my mt bicycle, my shoe lightly rubs against the crank arm as I pedal and the action of the dust on the shoe over time has actually eroded the bike’s aluminum crank arm. It’s important on your car that paint doesn’t completely erode as the sill area tend to be rust prone and rusted sills on cars are an expensive repair. Keep that area clean & well waxed, and if the paint gets abraded enough to expose any scratches of bare metal, paint the scratch with some clear fingernail polish as a temporary rust preventer.

As described Toyota are being a pain and have point blank refused warranty

The gaurds are standard that fit over the edges of the rubber and are sitting on the paintwork as standard which Toyota are saying is down to abuse not a design fault of the trim being too close to the sill. This has been confirmed by paintshops.