2010 Toyota RAV4 - Protective film gone bad

I own a Toyota RAV-4 2010. When I purchased from the dealership,with hood and other areas, were laminated with clear plastic. The clear laminate is to protect painted areas. Over the years of driving in the Southwest sun, the plastic laminate on the hood, has crackled between the laminate and the paint.I called Toyota USA and complained. They would not take responsibility. Is the only recourse is to have the plastic laminate removed and hope I don’t have to repaint the hood?

Of course they will not do anything as that was most likely a dealer after market over priced worthless addon. Check with a local body shop as they can see the product and have an idea of the damage removing it will cause.


You may find this story about such a film gone bad situation. Best of luck!


10 year old car in the southwest…

Quite surprised you aren’t complaining about damaged clearcoat.


Ask a body shop to remove the film with a product that’s formulated to remove this type of film.

Once it’s removed, it can be determined if a repaint is required.

(depends on the color)



John, interesting story and a good pic of you!

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Ah, but I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now!

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