2017 Toyota Tundra revs up while braking

2017 tundra TRD SR5 5.7 during braking it will rev up 1000-1500 rpm it has done this a few times. the truck has 33k on it now i just got it from a dealer with 32,632 miles. last month

when you say it does it when braking, do you mean at idle with your foot on the brake? or rolling coming to a stop?
also did you get any used car warranty from the dealer? usually get 3 or 6 months I think. if so bring it back and let them check it out.

I’m not a mechanic but it sounds like you might have a vacuum leak. The brake booster is operated by vacuum and stepping on the brake pedal could trigger the increase in engine speed.


no if you have a vacume leak it would idle high. this is something with the fly by wire / ecm thats why i was checking if it happened to some other tundra it might be a software issue.

Not that you can’t get real help here but to actually get replies from Tundra owners you should try to find a forum just for Tundra.

You ARE reporting a high idle! What I think @davepsinbox_157004 is getting at is a vacuum leak in the brake booster that only happens when you step on the brake.


A faulty brake booster sensor can cause the engine to rev when braking.


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So will stepping on both pedals at the same time. New shoes, certain medical conditions, or not being very familiar with a new vehicle can cause this. @sandman34, be positive this isn’t happening (it seems unlikely, but it can happen.)

yes they have it now. during breaking it would rev up for a few seconds /2017 tundra so i guess they are updating software thank s for you input

Braking …

Thanks, yes. That’s what I had in mind. Sorry I wasn’t more clear. When the OP dismissed the idea there didn’t seem to be much point in clarifying so I let it drop.