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Toyota accelerates when braking

has anybody observed that toyota and lexus accelerate when you brake. I never had same experience with other cars. does anybody know the reason why?


Please give us year and model. Without this information your post is meaningless.

I’ve owned Toyota products in the past and this has never been a problem for me, but I don’t own any recent Toyota vehicles.

Are you sure you aren’t pressing the gas pedal at the same time?

I’ve never had this problem. And I’ve owned and driven countless Toyotas.

Without a whole lot more information about your specifics, it’s going to be near impossible to help you.

I drive my SO’s 2008 RAV-4 on a regular basis, and I can tell you that there is absolutely no evidence of “accelerating while braking”. This sounds to me like one of those situations where someone inadvertently presses the gas pedal while applying the brake.

my former toyota camry 1996, lexus IS 2006.
thanks for the interest and the reply

I am sure… Thanks for interest and reply

thanks for the reply. I am quite sure that I did not press the gas pedal… I have observed this with my former toyota camry 1996, Lexus IS 2006 and even Lexus RX 2006. it felt like you have accelerated for 5 to 10 feet for a couple of seconds…Nothing dangerous BUT I FEEL IT… I have pointed it my friends who drive toyota and lexus alike and they agree with me but can not explain. thanks again.

The easiest way to tell if this is happening is to observe the tachometer while braking. For the sake of safety, I would suggest doing this in a large, deserted parking lot. Also, have a rear seat passenger peer over your shoulder in order to observe the placement of your feet while braking.

If the passenger can verify that you are not inadvertently pressing the gas pedal while braking, and if the tachometer indicates an increase in engine speed while braking, then you could be correct.

If the tachometer remains steady, or if it indicates a drop in RPM while braking, then it is not possible for the vehicle to accelerate.

Do these vehicles have drive-by-wire throttles or regular cable-operated throttles?

I have read posts suggesting that late-model Toyota vehicles with electronic throttle control exhibit “unintended acceleration.” One said it happened so many times he traded the vehicle after owning it only a few months.

01 Lexus
94 Camry
06 Camry
05 Rav-4
96 Avalon

Those are the cars that I have driven or still drive on a regular basis… I’ve never noticed that they accelerate when pressing the brake.

The only thing that I can imagine is that you aren’t feeling SLOW DOWN for the first inch or three of brake pedal travel and so you believe that you are accelerating, but you really aren’t.

As VDCDriver said – in your vehicle look at your tachometer when you hit the brake–does it jump up? If not, then you are not accelerating.

Perhaps the automatic transmission is down-shifting, and engine inertia is causing a very short vehicle acceleration?

Everyone is missing the obvious problem.

It could be a defective vacuum brake booster. I don’t know if these vehicles use a vacuum booster but if the booster is defective and the engine RPMs increase when braking I would suspect the booster.

Maybe the O.P. could give a better description of what is happening.

If SPEED DENSITY logic is used a leaking brake booster can cause the engine speed to flare when the brake pedal is pressed.