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2017 Subaru Outback - Lift back changes its mind

The rear lift back on my wagon occasionally starts to open, and then when about 1/4 of the way open it shudders and goes back down. I have to manually lift it up. Happens only occasionally, and no matter if I use the key fob, push the dashboard button, or push the release on the lift gate itself.

Ed, isn’t this car still under warranty? It is only 2 years old. Let Subaru fix it.

Sure it is. If it happens while its in their care, they will consider it. But because it happens only infrequently I’d have to leave it there indefinitely?

It is only indefinite if it never ever happens again in their care.

Since you already know the car is under warranty, what did you expect from us?

Power liftgates/trunks have sensors that detect obstacles. If you try to open it under a low garage frame it will detect that there’s something in the way, and close itself again to prevent damage.

That sensor is either bad or miscalibrated. The dealership needs to address the problem.

You might be able to help by keeping careful notes about when it happens to you, and what conditions it happens in (weather, etc).

Also see if it happens more than once when it happens. After it reverses itself, try to open it again. Does it reverse itself again? Good, then take a video with your phone and show it to the dealership.

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When given graphic evidence of the problem, they would have a hard time denying that there is a problem. If they do continue to “stonewall” the OP, then he should refer the problem to Subaru at the corporate level. Contact info can be found in the Owner’s Manual.

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Great idea to video with my phone. Dealer said they couldn’t do anything until they saw it happen, and I did not want to leave it at the dealer’s indefinitely. Thanks.