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2017 Subaru Outback hesitation when shifting

Does anyone have an issue with hesitation when shifting from reverse to forward? Like a 1-2 second delay. My dealer says its normal.

How about a little more information ? Did this just start ? How long have you had this vehicle ? Did you ask to drive an identical 2017 Outback if they have one to see if it does the same thing. ?
And it really does not matter if anyone else has this problem . You could see another dealer if there is one near you.

Are you at a complete, not almost, but complete stop before shifting from reverse to drive ?

Yes I am very careful. It was worse when the car was new and notice it mostly when on an uphill. Subaru has extended my warranty to 10 years on the transmission so I feel a little better.

I think there is variability in the transmissions because I have driven other Subaru outback’s that have some hesitation and others that don’t have any. My dealer said it’s normal.

I have a 2017. It is normal. It’s annoying but normal. Hills can be challenging especially when parallel parking. Also, some advice about asking for advice on this site - don’t bother with individuals who do not have direct experience with your problem(s).

So you are saying that a competent mechanic ( and their are many on this site ) can’t help just because they don’t have the same vehicle .

It’s normal. One second anyway, almost all cars do that these days. Two seconds when cold maybe. It does seem to take a little longer when cold. 2014 Legacy but had the same thing on several other vehicles.

It did it on the first day. We did not notice it on the test drive but when we took it home we noticed it a few days later. They gave me another Outback to drive and it does the same thing.

This August 12 will be the two year anniversary for the car.

Since several people on this site share the same observation with this year and model I guess it is normal. What is interesting is that as the car has 17,000 miles on it now the delay is shorter than when new. I don’t drive it that much as it’s my wife’s car so I don’t think it’s a matter of getting used to it. Can a mechanic explain why the delay gets better as the transmission ages??

If its a CVT then I would say thats normal .

My 2014 (CVY) does the same thing. It was noticeable the first few months until I was used to it after which it seems normal to me.

I have a 2017 Subaru Outback 3.6R with 23,000 miles.
I checked today and it takes about 1 second for it to shift from reverse to drive; with my foot on the brake when shifting.

I realize this thread is a few months old now but I thought I’d give it a shot. I just bought a 2017 outback 3.6 and have noticed that sometimes when driving it for the first time in a day when I shift into reverse from park it will shutter hard and the rpms will drop for a sec before I ever take my foot off the brake. I wait a second and it goes away and rpms return to normal. No other issues while shifting or driving, except the apparently normal delay while shifting to drive. Anybody else have that shutter? Does it sound normal? Car is under warranty so don’t feel bad telling me it needs a new transmission or something :stuck_out_tongue: