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2010 Subaru Outback jerks when decelerating

My car when driving can get to 35-40 mph and I let off the gas and it slows down to 15-20 in about 4 sec.
it also tends to jerk like its pulling us in car forward. On freeway today and it continued during traffic. Kind of scary. Is it safe?

That is impossible to say based on your post. Is the check engine light on? Does the car have a manual or automatic transmission? How many miles on the car? Is the condition you describe new? Or has it always done this?

Why do you think this might not be safe? Please answer the questions and we’ll try to help.

I’ve had the car since Jan. It’s a automatic 2010 and the engine light isn’t on. And when I got it honestly, I thought maybe the newer Subaru’s had something where the car will slow down for you a bit instead of coasting. It has 117 thousand

Well…this has really acted up since end of May. I’ve taken my car to the shop at least five times to get this fixed. Each time has been something different, topped off transmission fluid, torque converter, couldn’t feel what I was talking about and the latest was reflashing. I have a warranty and want to get this running right before it runs out. Here’s an Example- If you are going up hills at 35 -40mph and take your foot off of the accelerator it will slow to 20 mph in 4 seconds. It won’t even make it to the next block on the street. It also will lurch forward, if stopped at light sometimes when you want to move forward a bit to get closer to turn. It’s been getting worse and more noticeable. I’m just frustrated because it doesn’t run right and I’m sick of being at the shop.

This car has a CVT automatic whose fluid should be changed about every 30 to 50,000 miles. Since you bought the car used, you likely have no service record.

The symptoms suggest the transmission needs service. I’d suggest changing the transmission fluid and see if that clears it up. That would be maintenance so the warranty won’t pay for it but do it anyway.

Thank you.

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