2017 Subaru Impreza - Electrical issues

Check Engine and Cruise control lights stay on or flashing.
Told it as due to rodent damage to wiring and requires for rodent resistant tape. But still a problem/issue. Does this model year still have soy based insulation causing this problem??

If it does, what would you do differently? Try to get Subaru to cover this? They are your rodents chewing your car.

The bottom line is you need to get this repaired if you want to continue to drive the car. You also need to take steps to keep rodents away from your wiring. The garden store and others should have products to chase away rodents.

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What do the codes say? BTW, the cruise light flashes to make sure you notice the check engine light.

Code P0073 Ambient air sensor high voltage

P0073 Ambient air temp sensor high voltage

Called Corp have case# but

Constantly contacted Corp Subaru. Have case # but told insulation was taken care of.

The engine computer adjusts the amount of gasoline injected based on the intake air temperature. If the computer thinks that reading is nonsense then it probably just presumes 72 degrees. The car should still run ok as far as drivability, but might be running a little lean if the actual ambient temperature is colder than 72 degrees. Overly lean operation can cause overheating, so keep an eye out for that.

To the extent possible try to keep food and beverages out of your car and the area it is parked in the meantime.

Try two bars of Irish Spring soap one on one side of engine the other bar on other side of engine

Barry, I don’t have rodents chewing on my wires, the OP does. Reply at the bottom of the page, not to my post.

Do not keep food in car but thanks for response.

Tried that and didn’t work. Also tired peppermint oil, solution of ammonia and water, plus cleaned out engine. Thanks for response.