Soy-based wiring insulation attracts critters

I am shopping for a new SUV and have discovered this soy based wiring insulation is bait for rodents! Has anyone researched to find out if there are any car makers that don’t use soy based wiring insulation? I know about the Toyota/ Honda/ Kia lawsuits… what about Nissan Murano or Mazda CX-5?

Wow! Interesting. I don’t care for soy products myself, as is the case for many, too hard to digest. I prefer pea protein.

Those must be some tough vegan rodents. The good thing is that they are not getting any cholesterol. A rodent’s got to do what a rodent’s got to do.

My GM cars apparently don’t have any vegetable wiring because the squirrels leave pieces of acorns in my engine compartment, but don’t snack on any car parts. They are welcome as long as they bring their own snacks.

Has anybody tried spraying fox urine in their vehicles to keep rodents at bay? I’m pretty sure that would do the trick. Perhaps the vehicles should be treated with it on the factory floor. The maintenance schedule could have an interval for reapplication.
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According to this article, Toyota and Honda have had owners experience this soy-insulation problem. If that’s the case, it must have happened post 1992, as my Corolla’s wire harness has never been eaten by rodents. Leaking battery acid, yes. But not rodents.

Kabatech says it’s unknown how many manufacturers are using soy in their cars, but Toyota and Honda are two of the most prevalent.

I use that stuff in my garden to keep the rabbits from eating my crops. I’d have to be pretty desperate to put it on my car, though. That stuff stinks.

Replace every time the car gets even mildly damp, 'cause it washes off at the drop of a hat unless you mix it with glycerin to make it more sticky.

Recently discussed here. Biodegradable wire insulation

No doubt! I’m pretty sure that’s why it works. Mickey and Minnie aren’t going to show up for a treat if Mr. Fox is in the neighborhood.
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Yeah, you might want to consider spraying it on the ground around the car then. Pretty sure it would be as effective versus a rolling fox urine soaked mouse nest… :thinking: :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is an environmental thing and everyone has gotten on board so as not to be demonstrated against.

On that same vane though, when it snowed last week we put the bird feeder out for those poor starving summer birds. We kept the extra feed in a rubbermaid container tightly closed on the deck. After being gone a couple days, not only did the squirrels manage to get to the suspended bird feeder, but chewed through the rubbermaid and had a feast on the nuts inside. Where are the coyotes when you need them?

They’re at Acme buying new gadgets.
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