2017 Prius Water In the Hatchback

When I open the hatchback after it has rained, water always runs down the track on the car, not the hatchback itself. Suggestions or should I take it to the dealer? The car is under warranty.

You just answered your own question . Why are people so reluctant to use the vehicle warranty ?


Take it to the dealer.

Is the rain water getting inside the vehicle when that happens? B/c what you are observing may be exactly the way it is supposed to work. There are usually small drain channels that route the rain water around the apertures. This allows the water to flow to the ground, and not get inside the car. When that function fails and water gets diverted inside the car, it is usually b/c the channels or the drain to the ground (often a rubber hose sort of thing) has clogged w/leaves or debris; either that, or a replacement part , like a tail-light, has been replaced improperly.

The way it works on my Corolla, not a hatchback, when I open the trunk the rain water sitting on top flows downs and goes into the drain channel above the trunk aperture. From there it is routed down the sides of the trunk aperture, then over the tail-lights, where it falls to the ground.

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Is that abnormal? Water is expected to run down the tract between the liftgate seal and quarter panel.

Because you tell them extended warranties are worthless.

That’s because most of the extended warranties (other than those from the manufacturer) are :man_shrugging:t2:

Yeah, I’m not clear what the problem is. Here’s a pic, OP tell us where the water is going:

I found this thread, it might help with your problem

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I make money on those warranties, yesterday I was paid 13 hours labor to replace a transmission on a vehicle with an aftermarket warranty. Very unusual to see a legitimate failure be denied.

I’m glad you make money off of them. The one time I had one on a car they used any number of weasel clauses to get out of what should have been a warranty repair