2016 Chevrolet Impala - Water in trunk after rain

After it rains water is in the tire compartment in trunk what is causing this and why want Chevrolet do something about this problem

What have you done to check it out?? Does the water leak back out??

Clean out the trunk completely and run a hose over the rear window and all around the trunk lid and see if it leaks, if so then probably your trunk seal, possible rear window seal… If not leaking then you will have to spray water under the vehicle and keep checking for the leak…
Or you can crawl inside the trunk with someone on the outside (that you trust lol) and make sure it is dark inside, then have your helper shine a bright light all around under the vehicle and in the wheel wells while you are looking for light… BTW the water will work with you being inside the trunk also…

Did your vehicle come with a warranty that lasted over 7 years?? Have you said you would pay for the check and repair??

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A lot of owners of your vehicle have complained about this problem. it seems the water is getting in from the tail lamp assembly. but also check the seal around the trunk.

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Oops, Guess I need to google this stuff 1st… lol
I guess I need to stop assuming that any OP has Googled anything before posting here, I figured they used Google to find this place they would have already seen this stuff… When will I ever learn?? :man_shrugging:

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I’d guess one of the tail lights is the most likely leak source as well. Especially if one has ever been replaced. The installer may have not sealed it properly. No worries, it is usually easy to re-seal. Also open the trunk and notice how the rain water that hits the rear window is directed. Usually it goes into a channel at the top of the trunk opening, then turning down the sides (same channel), then out to the ground, going over the tail lights. Leaves and debris sometimes clog that channel, diverting rain water from channel into the trunk.

They’ll fix it for you for a fee I expect. If it were leaking during the warranty period, and the warranty covered that sort of thing, they would have fixed it under the terms of the warranty. Tail-light leaks are not an uncommon thing b/c tail light assemblies tend to get broken and have to be replaced. The local shop tech doesn’t have the same level of assembly expertise and access to materials as the person (or robot) who installed the tail light at the factory, so the replacement is more prone to leak. Do you feel there’s some sort of design problem w/ the Impala that makes it more leak prone than other sedans in the trunk area?

The OP has never visited this message board. The “Ask Someone Who Owns One” posts with the 10 digit ID numbers were invited to ask while they were at the Car Complaints site. At the bottom of the “water in trunk” page, this is what they see;

As you can tell computers are not my strong suit… lol

Thanks for that info Nevada, I very rarely use Google for issues I am having so I have never seen that…

I can understand the reasoning for “Ask someone who owns one”. The idea is that if your car is having a difficult to solve problem, somebody else owning the same car has already had that problem and solved it. No need to re-invent the wheel. But from the comments we get here, most car problems don’t repeat like that. In other words, while this seems like a good idea, it actually has very little value when trying to solve a car problem.

The reason I have for not liking the ( Ask someone who has one ) is because they are not just contacting people with the same vehicle but they think they are .

It should be titled ( Ask for help here ).

Very good point, but it would be nice if it asked for more info like engine, trans, FWD/AWD/RWD and miles… Although you would be surprised the amount of people that don’t even know what year vehicle they drive, some don’t have a clue as to what they drive…
But then again if you don’t know what engine you have then you probably shouldn’t be allowed to work on it… lol

I’m sure that the dealership would be willing to tackle this problem if you pay them for their work. The only repairs that might be free on a 7 year old vehicle are those that are safety-related, and which resulted in an offical recall.

That being said, the aforementioned tail light situation is a likely cause.