2017 Nissan Titan - Transmission trouble

My 2017 Nissan Titan SL will not shift into reverse gear at all. It first began hesitating for 3-5 seconds, when shift into reverse, known it want go into reverse at all… The Vehicle has 117,000 miles on it, and the maintenance has always been on time and completed by a Nissan dealership. Thank God I had a Life time warranty. The problem is there is a back order on new, used, refurbished transmissions! It may be months before my truck can get repaired!!! What if anything can I do, having a payment still due on this truck???

If the vehicle is at the dealer, you can ask and see if they will give you a loaner vehicle. It can’t hurt to ask.

This Life time Warranty is most likely an Extended warranty. Call the warranty company and see if you have a rental clause for repair that can’t be done in a certain amount of time.

If the dealership can’t/won’t help you with a loaner, the next step would be to retain a nasty lawyer to convince them to do so.

Come on now, an attorney is not going to help with this problem. The dealer cannot supply a new or remanufactured transmission at this time due to manufacturing shortages. A demand letter isn’t going to change that. And unless the warranty covers a loaner vehicle, the dealer isn’t required to provide one.

No they may not be “required” to provide one, but a nasty attorney can make their days much more unpleasant if they don’t. My wife, a retired attorney, used to take cases like this frequently.

Someone with an aftermarket warranty threatening the dealer with legal action will be invited to have the truck repaired at a different location.

A U-Haul rental truck in my area for 2 weeks/1000 miles is $590, how much will a lawyer and no truck cost?

Do you have the 5 speed or 9 speed? Has the ATF been changed in this transmission and if so, was the correct ATF used or some generic?

If not, you may only need to have the ATF changed and then do a “reverse slam” on the transmission. A reverse slam is chocking or blocking the vehicle, putting it into reverse and let it run that way for about a half hour.

It’s a trick a lot of Saturn owners did. The transmission doesn’t spend much time in reverse so the ATF is trapped there, but it still gets hot and will break down. But unlike the rest of the transmission’s valve body, fresh ATF seldom flushed the reverse circuits out. The reverse slam effectively flushes the reverse lines and valves in the valve body and gets it working again.

Too bad your warranty owes you a fixed trans. Does it say they will replace a 4 yr old trans with a new one? There are used ones online for $600-1000. With 25k miles or less. And the sites say they are in stock now.