Cannot move Shift (Auto) after transmission replaced

Car has 60,000 miles, replaced transmission w/ certified one from GMC. Now, I can only move the shift handle on steering column using 2 hands VERY difficult after $3000. Cannot drive. It was normal before transmission changed. In fact, the car only went in for OIL CHANGE. Dealer insisted on transmission power flush for "Maintenance"during oil change. I refused 2X but was told it MUST be done. Three weeks after power flush, car would not respond when put in reverse but went forward. Dealer said I needed a NEW transmission. Got a certified one from GMC and now cannot move the shift

on steering column…

Dealer is saying not his problem. What do I do? What is the solution?

If I’d spent $3000 for a Certified replacement tranny I’d go back and DEMAND that they correct anything wrong with it. I recommend you do the same. Or see them in small claims court.

As a matter of fact, if they were the ones that did the power flush I’d probably have gone after them for the original $3000 too.

I could not drive it away from the Dealer as I could not move the shift without using 2 hands and pulling on the shift with all my strength. I insisted that they reverse the charges and fix it so it will drive. The Dealer said that NEW certified transmissions may be stiff for more efficiency…New cars are NOT like this. So, the new transmission is under 100,000 mile
warranty and the Dealer is saying that the new transmission is fine so he is not on the hook
for the work. As I said, the car was a great car before all this happened. Now what ?

The dealer is on the hook whether he likes it or not.

Try a formal complaint to the Consumer Affairs Office of your state’s Atty General’s Office. Or small claims court.

I’m sorry, I wish I could help, but the problem is the dealer. And I know of no simple way to make an unscrupulous dealer stand behind his work.

I would take my car to a different dealer and get them to fix it properly, then I would take the original dealer to small claims court. You can recover up to $5000.00 plus court costs. Make sure to document the new repair properly. This will make it much easier once you get to court.

Also you could leave some feedback in the Mechanics Files (see link below) so that future potential customers avoid this dealership and their headaches.