2017 Nissan Sentra tire pressure

my tire were at 60 the front one and the back at 30 whats it supposed to be at idk how they even got to 60 what can happen to my car

Crystal , that information is on a plaque on your drivers door frame and in the owners manual . Also any tire store can help you with this tire pressure problem.

Who aired the tires anyway ?

Your tire pressure should be 35-36psi. 60psi is way too high and 30psi is too low. Only the spare should be at 60psi.

Here’s what the owners manual says (you’ll have to look at the tires themselves to see which size you have):

215/45 R18 33 PSI Front & Back
205/50 R17 33 PSI Front & Back
205/55 R16 36 PSI Front & Back

Were those pressures taken when the tires were hot from driving or cold after sitting overnight, and how did you take the pressure? Regardless, you need to get the pressures fixed

Was it serviced recently?
Did you just buy this car?
If not, did you loan it to anyone?
Did you have a tire (the one with 60 psi) repaired recently?
When was the last time that you personally checked the tire pressure?


You could experience severe handling/roadholding problems–especially on a wet surface. I strongly suggest that you adjust the pressures to the values displayed on the label on the driver’s door jamb, and then make it your business to check them on a regular basis.