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2017 Subaru Forester - Tire pressure

I inflated tires to 32psi at a gas station (outside temperature is about 55F). Now I googled the psi for Subaru Forester 2017 and it says the front/back tires are at 30/29psi. Do I need to deflate my tires? Thanks.

Why would you need to Google when on the drivers door post there is a plaque that lists the tire pressure.
Just set them at what is listed , then you will have nothing to worry about.

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Two pounds over? I would just leave them as is.

Because you drove to the gas station the tires would have been warmer than ambient temperature, after they cool the pressure may be 29 PSI or lower. Check the pressure again.

In case the OP wants to learn a bit about this topic. Here’s a link

Correct tire pressure is certainly not something that should be a mystery, nor should it require “Googling” when the most accurate information is located on the driver’s door jamb.

I always inflate the tires on my Outback to 2 or 3 psi over the mfr’s specified inflation pressure, but I am careful to preserve the specified difference in inflation between front and back. On my Outback, the mfr specifies 32 psi front/30 psi rear, and I try to keep them at 35 psi front/33 psi rear.