2017 Nissan Rogue caught fire in the driveway

My 2017 Nissan Rogue sport SL AWD caught fire in my drive way

Sorry to hear that. Do you have a question for us?

Bummer, This is about Nissans

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They are ugly vehicles anyways.


Good thing it wasn’t in the garage. Looks like a little aluminum foil in the right place could help.

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“Why did it happen?” comes to mind. I’d certainly want to know. @Barkydog 's link explains it but it also says there’s no fix. :frowning_face:

Interesting as I was in the market for a small CUV and the Rogue was on my short list. I had a few of them as rentals and liked them despite the CVT. Also, the 2018 and newer have Android auto and apple car play along with BSM and Rear cross traffic alert as standard. They depreciate more than other brands, I it was appealing. Until the market went crazy.

My alternate choice was a Tucson and since the 2022 is a whole redesign, they were willing to discount the left over 2021. So, I ended up with a new 2021 Tucson value that was cheaper than the 2019 used ones.
Now, the Tucson has the same or similar issue with the ABS pump catching fire. They had a recall and they change the fuse on the pump to a lower amp fuse, I guess that would cut the electricity and hopefully prevent the fire. Mine is new, so I am hoping the bright people behind making these cars have already shipped it to me with the correct fuse.

I believe the RAV4 has a similar fire recall too.

Sounds kind of like Ford’s cruise switch/brake fluid leak which torched a number of vehicles; along with the home attached to the garage where the vehicles were parked.