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2017 Nissan Rogue - All fuses popped

I Pulled into a gas station turned off my vehicle pump gas. When finished returned to start the car and nothing happened. Noticed that all the fuses were burned out. Since the fuses were replaced the key indicator light comes on all the time. Replaced the battery in the fob but indicator is on.

By now you must have had it towed. Please report back with what was found to be the cause.


I am having a hard time envisioning an event that would cause all the fuses to burn out at once. Even a jump start with the cables accidentally reversed wouldn’t do that. Is there more to this story?


Static electricity is the only thing that sounds reasonable but I find it hard to imagine. Plus, I’d think it would involve the gas nozzle and ignite the gas vapor and you’d have even worse problems like posting from a burn unit. I suspect the stop for gas is a coincidence and there’s maybe a short in the ignition but that’s just a wild guess.

Sounds like another jump start disaster, I see this a few times each year.

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