2007 Infiniti display screen problem

My computer screen display (which shows my radio channels, temperature settings, etc) works 75% of the time. I never know if it is going to work each time I start the car. Of course, it works every time I schedule an appointment with the dealer. The several times that I’ve taken it to the dealer they’ve told me that they don’t see the problem or are unable to re-create the problem. I live in the midwest and this has happened in the summer and now more frequently in Nov/Dec. Any advice?

Talk to the dealer if they can create a ticket for you, then next time it happens, drive there and show to them what is going on. They will not be able to miss it. Did you gently (emphasis on gentle) tap on the top of the console when it happens to make sure it is not a bad connection inside ?

Use a video camera to show the issue happening with car running by seeing guages on but screen not. Make sure in your video to slowly pan over to your VIN usually on your inside drivers door.