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2017 Nissan Altima - good deal?

I have driven a 2001 Nissan Altima, they are good cars that last a long time, the only problem with the one I drove was the A/C which is an easy fix, no engine light pop-ups no serious problems.

Be aware that rental car companies have their own body repair facilities and may not report a repair to Carfax. I would have the car inspected at a body shop. The mechanical systems can be protected ya warranty , not so the body.
My Wife’s nephew bought an ex-rental from Carvana. Clean Carfax, but it had been wrecked and kinda repaired. Offleaseonly has 111 ex-rental Altimas. Their web site has a notice stating that a clean Carfax does not mean never wrecked.

I read an article recently in the newspaper about buying a CPO used car. The article was a reprint from a major car buying information site. They recommended getting a prepurchase inspection from a mechanic you trust. If this advice is good for CPO autos, it is certainly good for any other used cars. Caravana’s business model is to make car buying as easy as possible. I doubt that we could get a prepurchase inspection when dealing with them. Maybe that’s a good reason to not buy from them if true.

I saw a new Nissan Altima coupe parked at the curb Friday. It was a beauty!

The Altima couple went out of production in 2013, It couldn’t have been but so new :slight_smile:

I had only seen one other about 2 months ago at a distance. This one looked new and had local Nissan dealer license plate frames with dealer add instead of license plates. Oregon temporary sticker in the rear window. 99.9% of the time this identifies a new vehicle. Used cars always have their used license plates. I purchased a used car in 1979 with Iowa plates. I got the temporary sticker and when I received the Oregon plates I changed them and discarded the Iowa plates.