Buying a Car with a Replaced Engine

So I’m buying a Nissan Altima with about 70,000 miles and it came at a discounted price of $7,500 because the engine was replaced at 60,000 miles and the car offers 6 month warranty on the engine my question is it worth it. I agreed verbally to buying it but have not yet done any transaction.

Many people erroneously call a replacement engine a “new” engine and that is often not the case. If the engine used in the replacement was from a salvage yard I would want an oil pressure check and a compression test done.

You did not state the year model of the car and how many miles on the replacement engine if it was from a boneyard.

The engine has 10,000 miles and the car had inspection on it also I test drove it and it seemed fine. It’s just idk how risky it still is. Also final price is 9k with everything included

The problem is that you were told the engine has 10K on it, but can not be sure that this is a correct statement. There were so many hands in the transaction for this engine and even though most of them might be honest, you might still buying a car with an engine that has 110K miles on it.

I have same concerns if I send it to my mechanic what should i tell him to look for because i wanna make sure the engine is reliable and durable.

Why not look for a vehicle that does not have you asking questions ? I doubt if any mechanic could make a evaluation on this engine with out actually knowing where it came from or who rebuilt it .

The problem I have is - “What caused the engine to need to be replaced?” Just a fluke, or was it abused by previous owner. If abused, then what else was abused? $7,500 doesn’t seem like a steep enough discount.

The vehicle is 7500.00 ? The final price is 9000.00 ? What are you getting for that extra money and if you are in the US look online to see what other vehicle of this unknown year are selling for. Also Kelley Blue Book will give a decent selling value.

The price includes taxes, tags, and 6 month warranty for the engine. The selling price is about $10-11k on Kelley blue book.

That’s true I’m not entirely sure why the last engine failed. I’m gonna try to find that out.

It really may matter why the other engine failed, if the car was flooded etc… Verification of miles and where it came from I would like to know

If this is such a good deal why would you have to pay for a warranty on this engine ?

Yeah that’s true its risky

Update**** I went about 2 weeks ago to check with a mechanic and he found a lot of problems with the engine thanks for everyone’s advice I bought a similar car but it has 100,000 miles, however it was from a more reputable dealer.