2017 Mitsubishi Mirage - Stuck in Park

When shifting from park to revers or drive the dash display is not displaying the shift. the car is stuck in park

You need to have it towed in to an auto repair shop or dealer for service. There is nothing I can even suggest you try based on the very limited information you posted. Good Luck

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Check if the brake lights work.

If not, the brake pedal switch may be faulty.

If the lights work, then there may be a problem with shifter inter-lock solenoid.


I own a 2015 version of this and they are pretty much the same car. Mine is a manual for three reasons. 1. I enjoy a manual and they are hard to find these days. 2. The manual cost less. 3. These are a cheap car so the automatics/CVTs in these are known for failure at around 120k. There are a few that have really gone the distance but the typical failure occurs around this mileage. That seems to be the real mechanical weak spot on these cars.

As mentioned, check for the simple things like brake lights and all. If the safety switch is broken, the transmission will not shift.

Any other information? These things call for fluid changes every 30,000 miles. Many buy them as a cheap car and treat them that way so this often gets ignored. How many miles are on the car? Does it start?

My best guess is that the bushing on the selector cable has failed. Here is a kit for a similar car Shop Mitsubishi Mirage G4 Shift Cable Bushing Repair Kit with Replacement Bushing Online


That’s why the dash isn’t displaying the shift change. Sounds like you got that figured out.