2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class - TPMS after getting new tires

Why would the tire pressure light come on after getting new tires?

Perhaps there’s an initialization process required for the tire pressure sensors. The car’s computer needs to be able to determine the location of each sensor; i.e. right front vs left rear, etc.

Also check the pressure in your tires now as to what it should be for your vehicle. some tire places tend to put too much air in the tires.

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is the tpms system working? can you read tire pressures?

They may have broken one putting on new tires… OR the battery in one just went dead with the other 3 to follow…OR one of your tires is low… So check it with a tire pressure gauge.

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Most cars have separate indicators for a low tire and for a TPMS malfunction. If your car is one of them, which is it?